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Tools & devices I use daily

David Lévai

April 30, 2020



Work, coding


  • For meetings, workout, and walk I use an Airpods Pro
  • For home/work I use JBL Tune 650 BT noice cancelling headphones
  • I have an Apple Watch 3. Sometimes I use it, but it's more likely in my drawer
  • When I'm not reading phisycal books or PDF on my computer, I'm using a Kindle Paperwhite (I think the third version. Somewhat outdated)
  • My go-to gimball is a Snoppa Atom
  • My Macbook is sitting on a stand which I don't know the name right now. (I'll update the page some day. Subscribe to my newsletter for updates)


  • Biotech belt
  • Some Alphalete shirts
  • Some shorts from Decathlon at summer/Alphalete Jogger at winter
  • A pair of worn out Adidas Pharrels
  • Myprotein shaker
  • Legion Athletics Pre workout
  • Transparent Labs thermogenic
  • BulkPowders Nootropic
  • BulkPowders Protein



  • Daily browsing is Chrome RN, but I try to use Brave/Opera time to time
  • Spotify and Youtube Premium for music
  • Spark Mail is the most awesome mail app
  • Todoist is where I procrastinate
  • Using Google Drive & Google Office Suite
  • I try to be productive with Forest & SelfControl


  • Go to IDE is VSCode in the last few years. Before that I used Webstorm, before that, Alleycode
  • My VSCode settings, plugins & config: Gist
  • iTerm 2 as a terminal with Zsh shell & Oh My Zsh. My zshrc file is here: Gist
  • Mostly React & React Native
  • Nextjs & GatsbyJS
  • AWS & Firebase
  • NodeJS


  • Meetings are usually held on Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet
  • Daily communication tools is Slack for years
  • Creating webshops with Shopify
  • Use ConvertKit for emailing
  • Tracking time with Clockify now, used Toggl before

Photo, Video

  • Editing videos with Final Cut Pro X
  • Screen recording with Loom / macOS Screen Recorder
  • Photo editing is with VSCO, Lightroom, Snapseed, Facetune
  • Graphics design mostly Figma & Canva, I really like them.
  • OBS for streaming


  • Note taking with Notion recently
  • I used Bear, Evernote and Apple Notes for long time.
  • Research: Roam Research
  • Fantastical is my calendar of choice
  • Todoist is love, Todoist is life

Project Management

  • Jira for now, but I always like to experiment with new ones.
  • We used ClickUp & Trello before

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