David Levai

Part-Time Creator & Full-Time COO

I'm a Part-Time Creator and full-time COO @ ScreamingBox.

I create various types of content across Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn,TikTok, and this blog about building IT businesses and production-ready apps.

Since my teenage years, I have worked as a freelance full-stack developer mostly with startups and small businesses. In 2020 I decided to use this knowledge to scale a digital agency and build open startups.

Why I'm doing these in public?

  • I believe that learning from others by following their journey is inspiring and helpful. I too follow tens of creators on their journey.
  • By being active in social media, and building in public, I can meet with interesting people, and support each other.

Also, when I'm away from the internet, I spend my time working out, travel to interesting places, playing some Rainbow Six: Siege.

What can you find here?

Vlogs, essays, tips, and discussions. About building an international digital product agency, building production-ready apps, and being mindful, productive as an entrepreneur in IT. If you have some more time, feel free to read about my background, knowledge, experience, and my why in the next few paragraphs:

When I'm not creating content, or managing a business, I am a full-stack developer who started as a UI designer. Enthusiastic about growth mindset and self-development, passionate about digital marketing, and UX. Always on the lookout for how to maximize productivity and my teams' efficiency.

My background as a Software Engineer: I create user-centered web and mobile applications using cutting-edge technologies like React Native, Flutter, GraphQL, and ESNext for almost 10 years. I love to learn new things by experimenting with state-of-the-art technologies (mostly JS-related).

My background as a Content Creator: I like sharing my knowledge with others, so I write for several tech blogs and authoring my blog too. I also create content on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Youtube to teach software devs how to be successful as freelancers, and how to write truly production-ready apps.

My background as an Entrepreneur: I've got experience in managing small & medium-sized product development teams by running a digital agency. We successfully finished several projects that were started from the ground up with lean, agile methods for multiple clients. I managed the projects from estimation & proposal, through design & development, to marketing & maintenance. Later, I joined an international digital product agency, ScreamingBox as a COO.